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What sets agriculture apart

Carbon credits in agriculture are more than just tons of carbon.


Sustainable practices benefit biodiversity and water filtration,  and mitigate soil erosion, compaction, contamination, salinity, and desertification.


Agricultural carbon credits give a fairer compensation to farmers who have a positive impact on the environment.

Long term benefits

Sustainable agriculture contributes to our long-term well-being by enhancing food quality, and by improving the resilience of our food systems to the long term effects of climate change.

Technology for optimal Traceability & Trust

Rize makes sure that every carbon credit you purchase makes a difference.

At Rize, we use the full potential of technology to track the actual carbon impact of our credits.

We only rely on certified carbon credit frameworks with IPCC Tier 3 soil carbon models, such as the Label Bas Carbone in France.

We also leverage AI & satellite imagery to make sure that every field that we follow meets its carbon target, meaning that 100% of our projects are technology verified & meet high standards for carbon traceability.

Our projects

Our mission is to match leading carbon action with climate-focused organisations. Our technological integration of project administration and monitoring ensures that our carbon credits actually finance climate action, instead of a chain of outdated intermediaries with limited value.

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Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture (sometimes called conservation agriculture) aims at improving soil fertility while restoring soil health, with techniques such as no-tilling, crop rotation, cover crops, reduced fertiliser use & livestock integration.

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Agroforestry & fruit orchards

Hedges and trees allow for deeper roots and deeper carbon capture, nourish soils for higher fertility, and provide shelter for biodiversity and predators that prey on pests.

Conservation agriculture | Rize ag

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