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High impact tech-verified carbon credits

Verified Carbon Removal

We leverage cutting edge techniques in machine learning, satellite imagery, and soil science to measure the carbon stored in soils and ensure that credit buyers only fund projects based on their actual impact. Our credit generation protocol is based on international guidelines, and each credit we generate is backed by a technical report for third-party verification.

In accordance with our mission to have the highest possible impact we plan to make our technology widely available to partner organisations in order to ensure that every farm can engage in and benefit from carbon removal

Beyond traditional carbon credits, too good to be true?

Regenerative agriculture aims at improving soil health, and relies on practices that have a much larger environmental impact, including on soil and above-soil biodiversity, water filtration, soil erosion, compaction, contamination, salinity, and soil desertification. It also directly benefits our long-term well-being, by contributing to food quality & security.

By improving soil health, we unlock the soil's carbon storage potential.

Agricultural carbon credits also give a fairer compensation to farmers who have a positive impact on the environment. 

By using our tech-verified regenerative agriculture credits we make sure that your actions actually remove carbon & make our world a fairer place.

The looming threat of climate change

Even the most ambitious carbon emission reduction frameworks will not be enough to meet the 2ºC objective on their own. Carbon removal has an important role to play alongside reduction strategies.

Under the reduce – capture – measure framework, we are providing the last two pieces of the equation to enhance your neutrality strategy. After you have completed your best efforts internally, we provide you with the very best carbon credits available on the market.


We offer proven carbon removal that benefits local communities in the long run.

Given the climate inertia, what we do today will only bear fruits in years or even decades. Your climate contribution is needed today.

Our projects, inspired by nature

Conservation agriculture field | Rize ag

Conservation agriculture

Conservation agriculture aims at improving soil fertility while restoring soil health, with techniques such as no-tilling, crop rotation, cover crops, reduced fertiliser use & livestock integration

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Hedges and trees allow for deeper roots and deeper carbon capture, nourish soils for higher fertility and provide shelter for biodiversity and predators that prey on pests.

Conservation agriculture | Rize ag

Rize credits pilot scheme

We are looking for carbon pioneers to join us in this endeavour. Reach out to know how we can help your organisation remove carbon & promote sustainable agriculture.