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Boost your income & fight climate change

Regenerating your Soil

Adopting climate-friendly practices improves soil health in the long run, with benefits to:

  • Field resilience

  • Soil fertility and yields

  • Water retention

  • Drought resilience

  • Erosion resistance

  • Nutrients distribution

  • Biodiversity

  • Soil Organic Carbon storage

All of these benefits boil down to 3 major business levers for farm owners:

  • Fewer fertiliser costs

  • Better yields & better yield resilience

  • A new revenue stream through carbon farming

How can you improve your soil?

Depending on your geography, the types of crops you have & what makes your farm unique, your path to regenerative agriculture will also be unique. However every regenerative pathway will usually incorporate one or several of the following techniques:

Reduced tillage | Rize ag



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Cover crops | Rize ag



Agricultural chemical input reduction | Rize ag

Increased biomass

Livestock fertilisation | Rize ag



What is Rize's mission?

At Rize we strongly believe that European agriculture has the potential to become carbon negative, but only if farm owners like you get involved. And we believe that pioneers should be fairly compensated for their efforts.

That is why we are building the first European Agriculture Carbon Credit platform, to make sure that your regenerative efforts and the carbon you store in your fields brings value to your farm.

We are leveraging the best of technology to make sure that the carbon you store can be easily tracked and bring you an additional revenue stream without having to deal with time consuming papertrail verifications. 

What matters most is how much carbon you store, not how you get there or how compliant you are with yet another directive. You handle the farming, we handle the administrative complexity. 

Carbon credits & your farm

Leverage your carbon action to generate

30 to 90€ per hectare per year

Implementing regenerative practices on your farm & using carbon credits can help you generate an additional revenue stream.


At Rize we will always have your back and try to find the best prices for your credits. 

How does it work?

We are hard at work to make your onboarding seamless. Here is how it will pan out from your point of view once the platform is fully live:

Register your fields on the platform

Tell us about your operations (crops, harvest calendar, practices)

We measure the amount of carbon stored and handle the paperwork for credit generation

Your carbon credits are sold & you get an extra revenue stream

Conservation agriculture | Rize ag


Are you already a regenerative farm or currently switching to regenerative practices and want to become a carbon credit pioneer? Do you have more than 30 hectares under management in the EU? Join our pilot program to create the first European Credits.