A team dedicated to the transition to sustainable agriculture

Why Rize?

Rize's mission is to make carbon finance easily accessible to all farms in Europe.

We believe that good carbon finance will be key to tackling climate change. We are leveraging science and technology to improve the traceability and transparency needed to build robust financing systems for sustainable agriculture.

We also believe that sustainable agriculture can only be adopted if farmers benefit from it. Our carbon credits simplify access to the agro-ecological transition for farmers​Rize's mission is to make carbon finance easily accessible for all farms in Europe.

Meet the Team

Etienne Variot, co-founder and CEO of Rize ag

Etienne Variot

Co-founder & CEO

Samuel Collin, CPO and co-founder of Rize ag

Samuel Collin

Co-founder & CPO

Laurent Bigaignon, PhD

Lead Scientist

Elise Leflour

Head of Operations

Skander Mejdi

Back-end Developer

Clara Concaret

Product Designer

Matthias Heu

Front-end Developer

Amiel Sitruk

Head of Science

Lucien Bertin

Expert Software Engineer

Audrey Jeannin

Innovation Manager

Thibault Arbonel

Lead Sales

Jihane Lebas Guenoun

Carbon Certification Product Manager

Akram Bara

Data Analyst

Aymeric Gueracague

Back-end Developer

Marie Sallenave

Business Developer

Eneko Jauretche

Regenerative Agriculture Scientist

Thomas Rollet

Back-end Developer

Mélanie Ngo

Front-end Developer

Join Us

If you would like to contribute to this adventure by joining the team, please check our careers page.