Investing in the transition to sustainable agriculture

through certified carbon credits

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Together against climate change

To achieve the global goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, companies must first reduce their emissions, and then contribute to cleaning the atmosphere by developing carbon sinks.
Through the voluntary carbon credit market, companies and organisations have the opportunity to support local projects through verified carbon credits, while creating value for the natural ecosystem and the local society.
Our portfolio of projects includes French field crop farmers certified through the Label bas-Carbone.

Our Projects

The farmers who join Rize are part of the Label  bas-Carbone, and are therefore all located in mainland France

Estimated volume of carbon credits:

10k - 15k tons per year

Diagnosis in progress

Number of hectares:

30,000 hectares

Projects in progress

An investment for nature and society

Companies today are challenged to align their business models with sustainable development and decarbonisation goals, in efforts to minimize climate change.


Measuring your own emissions


Minimising your direct footprint


Minimising the suppliers' footprints


Offsetting residual emissions

Rize x Net Zero Initiative, a project supported by Carbone4

10 principles for an ambitious corporate climate strategy

These ten principles are the result of collective work carried out between September 2021 and June 2022 as part of the Net Zero Initiative project, in collaboration with ADEME and thirty climate change professionals.

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