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How does it work?

Rize is your carbon finance partner. We take care of all the complexity so you can focus on farming sustainably and successfully.


Once you have decided how you want to run your farm & registered with us, we handle all the non-agricultural work and costs to generate a carbon revenue for you, including carbon credit calculation, registration, monitoring, audits, and of course retail.

We want to ensure that carbon revenue actually finances project owners and not intermediaries. That's why we do our utmost to minimise the costs to provide you with the best financing. Our tools are simple & intuitive, and our service comes without any upfront cost.

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Carbon levers

Depending on your geography, the types of crops you have & what makes your farm unique, your path to sustainable agriculture will also be unique. However every regenerative pathway will usually incorporate one or several of the following techniques & bring additional benefits beyond carbon impact.

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We are constantly adding new types of projects & new geographies. If you don't see your ideal project listed yet, feel free to reach out.


  • Cropland agriculture

  • Hedges

  • Orchards


  • France

  • Europe (coming soon)


  • Implement some carbon levers

  • Keep them for 5 year minimum (more for orchards & hedges)

  • Maintain sustainable practices beyond that

Your carbon revenue

Leverage your carbon action to generate

30 to 90€ per hectare per year

depending on the levers you decide to implement

Conservation agriculture | Rize ag


Are you already a regenerative farm or currently switching to sustainable practices and want to become a carbon credit pioneer?