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Climate change requires immediate action

Climate change requires immediate action.

Science teaches us that keeping global warming under the 2ºC limit is of the utmost importance to avoid catastrophic consequences. And with every year that passes, this gets increasingly harder.

Action is needed now, both in emission reductions and in carbon removal, to meet the 2°C target. No climate plan can succeed by relying exclusively on one of these pillars.

Every action counts. Start contributing today.

Regenerative agriculture

Agriculture accounts for up to 25% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, but sustainable alternatives to current practices exist. By switching to sustainable practices, farmers will not only decrease their own emissions, they will also remove carbon from the atmosphere, store it in their soil, and improve their soil's health and biodiversity in the process.

The transition to sustainable agriculture is imperative, but farmers need financing and support.

Rize strives to support farmers with this transition.

Our process, putting climate action first

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Step 1. Removing carbon

Sustainable farmers join Rize & commit to storing carbon through their practices

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Step 2. Making sure each credit has the highest impact

Rize registers the credits with certified frameworks and uses AI & satellite monitoring to verify every single carbon contribution.

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Step 3. Making high quality credits available to climate-conscious buyers

If you have an ambitious climate strategy, you probably want high quality carbon credits. Purchase Rize credits now!

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