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Climate threat requires immediate action

Climate change requires immediate action.


Science tells us that keeping global warming below 2°C is essential to avoid catastrophic consequences. Every year that passes makes this target more difficult to achieve.


We must act now, not only by reducing our emissions but also by removing carbon from the atmosphere, to reach the 2°C target. No climate policy can succeed by relying exclusively on one of these pillars.


Every action counts. Contribute today.


Agriculture is one of the major levers in the fight against climate change

Agriculture accounts for 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but sustainable alternatives to current practices exist. By choosing sustainable practices, farmers not only reduce their own emissions, they also capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the organic matter of their plots, improving the health and biodiversity of their soil.


The transition to sustainable agriculture is necessary and farmers need funding and support to make the leap forward.


Rize makes carbon finance accessible to all farmers. 

Our process prioritizes climate action

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Step 1. Storing carbon

Farmers join our platform and commit to long-term carbon storage and greenhouse gas emissions reduction through their practices

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Step 2. Farm level impact monitoring 

Rize registers credits with certification frameworks and uses AI and satellite monitoring to verify every single farm plot in our projects

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Step 3. Selling high-impact carbon credits

If you have an ambitious climate strategy, you are probably looking for high quality carbon credits

Rigorous certification frameworks

We follow scientific consensus by relying on the best certification frameworks, such as Label Bas-Carbone in France, to develop the confidence of carbon credits buyers and best guide climate action on the ground.

We believe that science is a major lever to strengthen the quality of project monitoring and make agricultural carbon finance ever more attractive. 

We use the most advanced technologies, notably satellite imagery, to simplify the monitoring of our projects and reliably monitor carbon sequestration efforts.

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